Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Ronaldo Has Yet To Think Of National Team To Withdraw From Portugal

Portugal national team captain Cristiano Ronaldo haven't thought of when it will beretired from the international scene after finding a new contract for five years Real Madrid leh.

Ronaldo is the holder of the most caps and is also the all-time leading scorer for Portugal, where her participate in the first degree for his country in Euro 2016.

"After what terajdi in Euro 2016 I sent a clear message. I think Portugal deserves towin the Championship, "said Ronaldo.

"Since 18 years I played for the national team and has since become a captain I takePortugal to the higher levels. No, I don't want to retire from the national team. "

The 31-year-old player is very grateful that 2016 would have suffered with an incredible achievement, either with the club or the national team.

"To win the European Cup title and gets a new contract, it was an amazing year," said Ronaldo.

"I cannot vote for the Ballon d'Or so I haven't decided, but I enjoyed this year. I don't get too ambitious with the prize. The team is paramount. "
Cristiano Ronaldo has said that his new contract with Real Madrid is not the last in the football career.

Madrid recently gave a new contract for Portugal midfielder until 2021, where it will make him survive for 12 years in the Santiago Bernabeu and her 36-year-old will.

Ronaldo Has Yet To Think Of National Team To Withdraw From Portugal

But Ronaldo is targeting trophy victories in five years in Madrid, and a new contractis not the last for him.

"I would like to thank to the President of Real Madrid, the Club, and also my teammate, those who helped me to reach this level," said Ronaldo in a ceremony on Monday (7/11).

"This is a very important day. I have said repeatedly that the Club is in my heart, there is in my part. "

"In a special moment of my life, I will be here for the next five years. This will not bemy last contract, let us know, but this is very special. "

"I want to be the best. I want to wear this uniform with pride and certainly contributes to the same in the next five years by trying to score a goal and win the title. "

"I have to wait and see (retired). Who knew that with the future. Obviously, I want to end my career at the Club. It's like the certainty of contracts. I would like to here for a long time. I really enjoy it. "

"Now I want to enjoy the rest of my playing career. I still have 10 more years. I want to always be better, "said Ronaldo.
Lionel Messi scored his 39th 500 for Barcelona-is included in the official test matches as well as his team's dramatic win over-2-1 over Sevilla in La Liga, advanced Sunday (6/11).

Vitolo got around to making the home team excels at k-15 minutes, but the pausebefore first round: real success equalize.

Ronaldo Has Yet To Think Of National Team To Withdraw From Portugal

Although Barcelona appears without the creative midfielder Andres Iniesta, Messi make Barca game more alive and appeared attacked.

Real Madrid any time creating assits for a Barca victory goal scored by Luis Suarez.

Match official Real Madrid have shared goals in 469 nicks Barcelona, but the Catalanclub asa ensures that players Argentina has rkeor 500 goals throughout the wear jersey Blaugrana.

He led the list of scorers in League history, Spain two years ago when scoring 253 goals Messi had passed the record belongs to elmo Zarra.
With a total of 320 goals in the domestic scene, Messi became the leader on the list of goalscorers of all time.

Alone this season Real Madrid already had a total of 16 goals in all competitions.

Barcelona's victory over Sevilla this makes them be in position two standings, or lagging two points from the pemuncak standings Real Madrid.

Army of Luis Enrique will be faced with Malag at Camp Nou on November 19, then into Real Sociedad before a match against Barcelona Madrid on December 3.