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Arsenal Looking For A New Captain

Since Mourinho's Internazionale Milano, happy to apply the tactics of one striker formation in the 4-2-3-1.

Four defender and a midfielder led the defense team as the elements Mou.

The Inter defensive games deliver the Club grabbed three titles in 2009/10, including the UEFA Champions League.

One moment the Inter defensive at that chic is when getting rid of Barcelona in the semifinals.

Chelsea win the EPL 2014/15 is also so. They came out as the team with the fewest conceded in the League (32 goals).

Mourinho seemed to be back to apply 4-2-3-1 at United.

This module is no stranger given Van Gaal reacted well to use it. System 4-2-3-1 a laVan Gaal reacted to fail.

Manchester United conceded a goal most noted indeed little in the EPL 2015/16 (35goals), but at least their goal total in the history of the Club (49 goals).

Arsenal Looking For A New Captain

United are judged not suitable wear pattern one attacker after for more than 20 years of implementing the two strikers. What about the 4-2-3-1 defeat to Manchester United in the later versions?

Be Aggressive

When he wafted a public thanks to the success of the Club Portugal, Portochampions 2003/04, LC Mourinho indeed rely on a defensive game for the sake of victory.

In Porto (2002-2004) and Chelsea (2004-2007), Mou berpendekatan aggressive. He used a 4-3 scheme-3.

Pattern 4-2-3-1 Defeat in Madrid (2010-2013) also not defensive. While the club won La Liga 2011/12, Madrid also broke the record of League goals in a season (121 goals).

Based on a long history of coaching career this Mourinho, arsenal fan should have to worry of potential defensive game from the team.

Mikel Arteta has gone and this indicates the position of captain for the 2016/17 season became vacant. Thus, the player who will be carrying the captain at Arsenal?

Author: Rinaldi?

Arsenal Looking For A New Captain

For Arteta served the captain, Defender Per Mertesacker who became his Deputy is often wearing a captain was in the match.

The reason, Arteta often dibekap injury and in 2015/16 hardly ever took to the field.

Therefore, Mertesacker became contenders as the owner of Captain Arsenal.

However, Mertesacker was not alone because it has emerged a strong contender for the position, namely served as goalkeeper Petr Cech and defender Laurent Koscielny.

Special Koscielny, France who became the media seems to be their home country provide strong support.

For example, the France Football magazine said Koscielny (30 years) is the figure best suited to play the role of captain.

The reason, Koscielny already recorded six season defending Arsenal.

Disclose the records featured 244 matches under Wenger since purchased at a price of £ 8.45 million from Lorient on 2010.

The position of captain is indeed quite high interest in creating the public.

Arsenal Looking For A New Captain

Moreover, the media never lose News investigation about the "betrayal" of the captain at Arsenal.

There are at least five Arsenal captain to ever do a betrayal of Wenger.

Call it the Robin van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Thomas Vermaelen until.

They were processed players Wenger who raised with loving care.

However, the player who was appointed team leader and even hurt by going to other clubs.

The reason is almost always the same, namely wants domestic league titles and a bigger salary.

It could not be given Wenger for foster care that her favourite.

Koscielny Vulnerable

On this matter, precisely the most vulnerable as Koscielny contenders Arsenal Captain rather than owners and Mertesacker goalkeeper Petr Cech.

The reason, it appears that the target will be the important Koscielny will hunted Manchester United at bursa transfer next summer.

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The Red Devils already enter the name Koscielny in the list of purchases.

One of the main priorities of United in 2016/17 season ahead is a tough defender who at once experienced.

Koscielny believed is the right figure to meet all the criteria you want.

There is a new boss, there must be rules and new adjustments. Football not is different. Manchester City got a new boss, Pep Guardiola. Spain men's it's been ascertained would move to the United Kingdom, even before the 2015-2016 season done.

Authors: Dian Savitri

Now comes the news that Real Madrid are looking for new players. The number is eight people.

The cause, the Manager later that saw only three players from the squads that existnow that deserves to be core players next season.

Three players it is Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, and Fernandinho. According to the News reported by the Daily Mirror sites. Therefore, the Champions were looking for eight more players to complete the trio.

Aguero was the top scorer for City season 2015-2016. De Bruyne, who was hired last summer, directly showing the game that gives a great influence on the army of Manuel Pellegrini.