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Pochettino Critique The Performance Of Minor Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham late goal Leverkusen conquered Kevin Kampl on 65 minutes.

These results are certainly very disappointing for Tottenham. Because, their steps toqualify for the round of 16 is becoming increasingly difficult.

Tottenham dropped one position in the standings of group e. they now occupy third place with the acquisition of four points.

Meanwhile, Monaco is in first position with eight points, followed by Leverkusen in the second stage that collect six figures.

Based on official statistics, Tottenham UEFA actually appear to dominate with a record 58 percent of possession.

In addition, Tottenham and Leverkusen pun sama-sama had two shots on target. However, the goddess fortuna apparently have not taken sides to the host. " We played bad. Nothing needs to be said the question of Wembley, we performed poorly,"said Tottenham Manager, Mauricio Pochettino, as reported by BBC Sport.

"If our analysis of the game, we created a number of opportunities, and we Excel inmastery of the ball. However, we remain difficult to score a goal, "said Pochettino.

Pochettino Critique The Performance Of Minor Tottenham Hotspur

The defeat of Leverkusen extended the trend without a victory for Tottenham. They have failed to win in six straight matches in the entire competition.

Troops Pochettino last time win in Premier League action contra Manchester City, atWhite Hart Lane Stadium, 2 October 2016. At that time, Tottenham win 2-0.

"We certainly need to improve and change some things. We are going through a bad moment, "said Pochettino.

Tottenham still have chances to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League. However, they need to pass through the steep streets.

At the party's next Champions League, Tottenham striker into the Monaco headquarters (22 November), and entertaining team gatekeeper, CSKA Moskva (7 December). The record was created when Real Madrid into the headquarters of Legia Warsaw, in the match of Group F of the Champions League at the Pepsi Arena, Wednesday (2/2/2016) local time.

Bale breaking into the goal when new matches are running Legia 57 seconds, through 27 touches do the players of Real Madrid.

On top of Cristiano Ronaldo, the ball then immediately struck by Bale shot with a left foot volley. After scoring Real Madrid's Bale, adding to the advantage to 2-0 thanks to spurn the distance near Karim Benzema on 35 minutes.

However, the goal was apparently not enough for Real Madrid to win the game. Surprisingly, Legia was able to rise up and force the game ended in a 3-3 drawposition.

Legia was able to turn around winning 3-2 passing touchdowns Vadis Idjidja-Ofoe(40th minute), Miroslav Radovic (58 '), and Thibault Moulin (83 ').

Pochettino Critique The Performance Of Minor Tottenham Hotspur

Lucky for Real Madrid, their faces spared by gol Mateo Kovacic time normal time leaving only five minutes.

With this draw, Real Madrid any time cancel qualifying for the round of 16. They arenow in second place in the Group F standings with eight points.

As for the sequence first occupied by Borussia Dortmund which has been holding tickets to the knock-out phase.
Dortmund top the standings with the acquisition of 10 digits after won a 1-0 victoryover Sporting CP. This result makes Real Madrid, who joined in Group F, has not been reaching the knock-out phase of the ticket. The defending champions had to wait for the next match when against Sporting CP to look at his opportunity as companion to Borussia Dortmund. Yes, the new Dortmund to ensure himself escaped after a 1-0 win over Sporting CP. Scoring 10 points, the worst result this is Germany's representative was runner-up for winning seven points over Sporting CP in the third stage. Thus, one other tickets from this group will be contested by Real Madrid, whose elections caused eight points, with Sporting CP.

Competition in Group E Monaco, inhabited, Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham and CSKAMoscow are still ongoing, rigorous and exciting. Four teams could still qualify. Monaco, which won 3-0 over CSKA did standings with a value of 8, but only winning two points over Leverkusen in third place.

Tottenham in third place with 4 points, also have up the pass to the knock-out phase. If it can win the next two games against Monaco (22 November) and CSKA (7 December), then Deputy United Kingdom is definitely qualify. CSKA ever so, because even though it is new gather two points, they are still potentially get away with a record of won last two games. From Group G, Leicester City played a goalless draw against the representative of Denmark, Koebenhavn. This result has made Leicester carved ink gold as the first team in the history of the Champions League, which could maintain a clean sheet in four matches of the most elite Prime competition in Europe. Leicester still on top with 10 points, winning three figures over FC Porto a 1-0 win over Club Brugge.