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Jose Mourinho in record Numbers

Mourinho never forgive such decisions, because Barcelona said Wilson. Such sentiment continues until finally the two met again in the capacity as a coach.

Feud both add to the high action tensi accepts between Real Madrid and Barcelonawhich had previously been synonymous with hard and emotional game.

The peak was when Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid Assistant eye striking, Tito Vilanova in the semi-final first leg match of the UEFA Champions League 2010-2011. The match at the Santiago Bernabeu and colored hard takes place two red cards.

If talk of statistics head-to-head when both clubs Barcelona, a record both of themgoalless. Of the six matches under the control of Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid andBarcelona, each winning twice and the series twice.

The dispute also brings impact to the players, even promoted to Spain's national team dominated the players the two clubs. As there are two camps in the great body of La Furia Roja.

Jose Mourinho in record Numbers

Lucky, Spain had a figure of coach Vicente del Bosque who was able to dampen sentiment.

After Spain became the stage of combat the two former best friends, the city of Manchester and the United Kingdom will be the stage of the next meeting for Mourinho and Guardiola.

In each new Club, Real Madrid and Barcelona will face solid competition schedule, competition is fierce for the respective Club.

Not to mention the pressure of club management, demands pressure supporters, as well as observations from the United Kingdom's press ferociously. Do not forget also the prestige derbi Manchester to determine who is the best in the city.

There is prestige and prestige in every derbi derbi, not unless Manchester.

Who is able to survive not specified from whom a more active talk in front of the media, but the genius of each concocted tactics. How, Senor Mourinho and GuardiolaSenor?

Manchester United has been officially announced as the new Manager Jose Mourinho on Friday (27/5/2016), replacing Louis van Gaal reacted. This certainty was welcomed by the majority of supporters of the Red Devils.

"Jose is the best manager in the game of football at the moment," the first Vice President of the greeting Man United, Ed Woodward, after confirming the appointment of Jose Mourinho as Manager of the team.

Jose Mourinho in record Numbers

However, whether the corresponding Woodward greeting based on statistics? Following Mourinho's record in numbers, during a career as a football coach.

Mourinho is only ever one time defeat of Manchester United in the Premier League.

The title other than successful Premier League earned Mourinho in the United Kingdom alongside Chelsea: 3 United Kingdom League Cup, FA Cup, and 1 FA Community Shield.

The number of clubs has ever dealt with Mourinho during his 16 years as a coach, that Benfica, Uniao de Leiria, FC Porto, ChelseaInter Milan, and Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho was sacked Chelsea just seven months after the success of the Premier League title offered the 2014-2015.

Number of Mourinho in 12 Premier League matches against Manchester United, the biggest rival Liverpool, and only lost twice.

The number of the defeat to Chelsea in the first game of the Premier League 16 2015-2016 which prompted the sacking of him.

Jose Mourinho in record Numbers

The number of victories in a season the League managed to come by Mourinho. It earned along with Chelsea in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.

The number of awards ever given to Mourinho, including 1 world's best Coach (2010), 2 European coach of the year (2002-2003, 2003-2004), 3 the best Premier LeagueManagers (2004 – 2005, 2005-2006, 2014  2015), and 2 the best Serie A Coach (2008-2009, 2009-2010).

Percentage of success Mourinho brings his team winning the title.

Mourinho winning percentage in the Premier League and become the largest.

Jose Mourinho 66 percent
Sir Alex Ferguson 65 percent
Carlo Ancelotti 63 percent
Roberto Mancini 62 percent
Manuel Pellegrini 61 percent
The number of the sequence without ever losing a home game in the Premier League.

Points earned Chelsea alongside Mourinho to find their Premier League title in 2014-2015.

The most points that successfully won Against the League in a single season. MOUacquire it along with Chelsea in 2004-2005 to ensure the title of Premier League.

The number of League games he signed along with six different clubs during his career.