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Odds of Manchester United Defeat West Ham at Old Trafford 80 percent

Manchester United had the chance to win 80 percent of the time entertain West Ham United at Old Trafford, Sunday (27/11/1999), on the 13th weekend Premier League. It also refers to the 10th meeting of the last two teams.

In the last 20 years the United Man cons West Ham already clashed as much as 34 times in the Premier League. Of these clubs called The Red Devils have a record of great victories.

Yes, United 21 times able to beat West Ham, eight draws and only five times suffered defeat.

Thus the hosts squad Jose Mourinho got a victory ratio of 61.8%. During this periodManchester United already 74 times breaking into the West Ham goal.

Odds of Manchester United Defeat West Ham at Old Trafford 80 percent

In the 10 meetings last two teams at Old Trafford, Man United is also far superior toWest Ham. The hosts could win eight and draw only once and lost.

Of the 20 matches entertain West Ham, Red Devils only lost twice, once in the series, and 17 times to win a match. In other words, The Hammers just won 10 percent of the total meetings.

The West Ham goalkeeper was also hacked 46 times by Manchester United players.Instead, they can only scored 10 goals during a match at Old Trafford in the Premier League.

Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea are the two teams with the best defense in the Premier League in 12 matches this season. However, both the CF both have prominentweakness that can be exploited.

Derbi party London between Chelsea cons Sepatu Bola Tottenham will roll at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (26/11/1999) local time.

New Tottenham conceded eight times this season, while Chelsea 9 times. Both teams conceded rataan means less than one goal per game (0,8 0.7 Tottenham and Chelsea).

Of the total number of goals, Tottenham conceded that hacked through the situation quite often the ball dead.

Tottenham conceded four times through the efforts of a set piece or 50 per cent ofthe total number of conceded so far this season. This can be exploited.

The club called The Blues were able to scored five times off kick the ball dead out of a total of 27 goals in them this season.

So, the squad's Antonio Conte had a chance to break the goal Hugo Lloris kicks the ball dead.

Meanwhile, Chelsea conceded five times through open play or 55 per cent of the total enrolment. NET Thibaut Courtois is quite vulnerable at this game because of thehacked The Spurs have a conversion ratio of touchdowns via open play is good.

As many as 12 of the 18 goals Tottenham has so far printed through this game open or about 66 percent. If Chelsea's players failed to restrain the movement of the players Tottenham, just get ready to work hard to banish Courtois RAID.

The return of Yaya Toure into Man City squad would threaten the position of one of the players who had previously appeared in the regular.

Let alone the Ivory Coast midfielder was a success being the decisive victory of the team. Toure was able to scored two goals in the last game for a 2-1 victory for The Citizens cons Crystal Palace.

Odds of Manchester United Defeat West Ham at Old Trafford 80 percent

One of the most threatened are Ilkay Guendogan. Playing position and role of the Germany midfielder with Yaya Toure.

Manager Josep Guardiola is believed to be back showing Toure in gameweek 13 face Burnley. Some of the reasons could be the main cause.

First, the condition of Yaya Toure and much more fit. 33 year old player was not included into the Barcelona squad that appeared in the Champions League to BorussiaMoenchengladbach Central cons.

Second, the performance counter action on Guendogan Gladbach was not good enough. Man City have to draw 1-1 in those games.

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Refusing to be one of those players who loved many managers FPL after performing excellent early in the season. The cause, certainly lesatan six goals from seven matches earlier that he torehkan.

However, now the tap goal Refusing being jammed. In the last four games, putting it just Belgium striker one goal.

Given the high enough price is pinned upon Refusing, very wise if the Manager looking for another striker with FPL level, and have a great chance of scoring at the gameweek.

On this week Everton will face the team that could be called a balanced quality, Southampton. Thus, opportunities for Refusing elections caused points became very small.

Then, who was a decent footballer recruited?

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Evidentiary Libido Pingdus

First weekend Pro Futsal League (PFL) of Western Auto Group belongs the 2016 FCLibido Pingdus Indonesia. This can be seen from the top of the standings with a record of temporary.

In its first weekend, Libido Pingdus tancap gas by overcoming Sepatu Futsal Bandung (FKB) and Bie The Great Bekasi. In fact, this team is a lot of abandoned by players who simply seeded like Andriansyah Agustin (Adom) that join the Vamos FC and Vishnu [...]who joined the FKB.

In fact, the composition of players who compete in PFL Libido this year the majority of the young players on the Futsal Super League (FSL) last year did not defend the Libido.

Evidentiary Libido Pingdus

Pingdus Libido achievements at once proves the assumption many people questionthe ability of the team do not have senior players. Especially if looking at the titles of FSL last year, with only four ranks. Plus the preparation team that belongs to the lightning. "Well many assumptions from people outside of a team would not be successful if it has no seniors, said Fahrudin, one of the players the Libido.

Negative assumptions of society began to be reversed by the Libido by giving a surprise on the opening match with a win securing top FKB. The second Kemanangan against Bie The great silencing criticism back also Bekasi society against this first weekend in Libido.

"The Proof is the same relying not @fclibido star players. The team with the preparation of a budget just 4 days can mimpin standings, steady libido! ", said the account @shaktiricardo on instagram comments field who preached victory Libido a few days ago.

This achievement makes no Libido became complacent. Keep your exercise routine is performed to maintain the performance of the team in order to be ready to fight another classy teams and maintain a team's position in the standings at any intensity.Although occupying the top position Libido standings, the team's coach Andri Irawan cannot assume other teams lightly.

Evidentiary Libido Pingdus

In the first match of the two-day group of the Western region, one of the surprisescome from Bandung city Futsal (FKB). The team that has always had a great tradition in the beginning of the League, must instead settle for battered and finish last series I currently PFL 2016.

How other teams report that in the meantime the four lowest ranked? Let us refer to the Zone Futsal Indonesia reviews:

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5. The Great Platinum Bie Bekasi
BIE The Great comes with a fresh squad. The players who performed on his last season maintained at this season. Call the Raka Febianto, Achmad ' Peking ' Alfyanto, Arjuna Rinaldi, and grace Widyanto season yesterday scoresheet, this series I on their increasingly mature.

The presence of some young players like Farhan Rizqi, great Kuroma and Yogi Maulana makes the team's coach Revelation is unsightly.
BIE The Great threat in the first game with 3 point important beat BJL filled a myriad of experienced players. Raka cs. had the vision to play a nice, calmand cleverly on the series I though the match both must recognize the superiority of FC Libido Pingdus Indonesia.