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Arsenal was Overshadowed the nightmare 1995 in Paris

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 | 8:47 PM EST
Paris, JUARA.net-even though it had a record of meeting good enough cons Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal could not subdue the arrogant will be assured the Club's first Champions League match in Group A at the Parc de Princes, Tuesday (17/9/1999).

The Gunners have bad memories in the Parc de Princes. The last time The Gunnersgrazing in the stadium of pride, they defeated PSG 1-2 in the final of the Cup Winners ' Cup 1995 cons Real Zaragoza.

At that time, David Seaman dkk should play up to half time added after the 1-1 draw in normal time.

Until the final minute, the position does not seem to be changed and the match will be continued into the penalty shootout. Then at 120 minutes, Real Zaragoza,Nayim, became a hero for his team.

He took off the kick bounced from a distance of 36 metres towards the Arsenal penalty area. The ball is moving, without being able to drive Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman at the time.

The goal of the match to end Nayim victory Zaragoza. Ambition Arsenal to win theCup Winners ' Cup ended right then and there. Seaman even mentions the Nayim goal is one of the low points in his career.

These memories may be going to haunt Arsenal in the face of a host, Tuesday nightlocal time. However, it does not mean Olivier Giroud dkk had no reason to be optimistic.

Arsenal was Overshadowed the nightmare 1995 in Paris

Of the two previous meetings with the PSG, Arsenal had never lost. The first two camps meets on March 29, 1994 in the Cup Winners ' Cup, also at the Parc de Princes.

When it is, the game ended 1-1 draw. Two weeks later, on April 12, 1994, Arsenal entertain PSG in the stadium to replace Highbury and they won 1-0.

In addition, the record counter club Arsenal away to France is also very nice. 10 visit, they recorded seven wins and three results series. Ibrahimovic is a great figure whohas already left its mark in the history of PSG. He was the top scorer in the history ofPSG and donate four Ligue 1 titles in four seasons.

However, the original bomber Sweden decided to not extend the contract at the end of last season. He opted to move to Manchester United.

Without the figure of Brazilian PSG ever had difficulty in Ligue 1 earlier this season. In their last two parties just reaping one point after being defeated AS Monaco with a score of 1-3 and 1-1 draw on hold Saint-Etienne. Wenger judge PSG will still dominate in France. However, Unai Emery's squad lost its figures with a great quality leader and still trying to find a replacement for the standard.

"They will continue to be the dominant team in France but is lost figure of Ibrahimovic. He is the leader, Captain of the host Club's ambitions of charisma, and it was always hard to compare, "said Wenger.

"When you lose a player of such quality, how much damage occurred. Now they'realso replace coach, so they tried to come back, "he said.

Arsenal was Overshadowed the nightmare 1995 in Paris

Arsenal will melakoni the first game of the knockout stage of the Champions League group A against PSG at the Parc des Princes on Tuesday (13/9/2016) local time. The anticipation of that question is the monumental moment coaching debut Sarri at the UEFA Champions League.

Since initiated his career as coach of a quarter of a century ago, the first time the Club will be on duty menukangi Sarri in akbar it.

Sarri, 57 years old, actually began his career from scratch. it more struggling with grass-roots competition in amateur teams in the early coaching career. His first Clubwas the Stia (1990-1991), steeped in the Seconda Categoria level aka the 8th Italy League competition in the system.

Kesemenjanaan attached to the predicate Sarri increasingly clear since he recentlymelakoni debut in Serie A in 2014-2015 along with Empoli!

Then, he was already 55 years old. New tasting competition two seasons terelite born in Naples, Italy that steady gaze at terakbar club scene in Europe.

"I never thought would be where I am now. I just did the work with pleasure without any specific target menenetukan, "he said to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Bespectacled man was not willing to make the chance of appearing in the Champions League as goals late in his career.

"I am doing this job for 25 years and want to continue to enjoy it on its own," said Sarri again.

While staring at his debut in Kiev, Sarri had positive stock ratings with 2 WINS and a series on early trilaga Napoli in Serie A this season. In the meantime, Jose Callejon cs became the sharpest team with 9 goals.