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Mourinho Select Incoming Team Coach Rio Ferdinand Man Utd

Manchester United's new Manager, Jose Mourinho, is reportedly planning to enterRio Ferdinand as a part of the team coach.

The presence of former defender who once defended the Red Devils for 12 years itwas seen very important for Barcelona as the team manager.

Since left Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the 2012-2013 season, Man United are stillin transition. The presence of someone who has a relationship with Ferguson era is seen is very important for the team.

Mourinho believed still will still bring some of those beliefs, such as Rui Faria and Silvino Louro, to help him. A second person has been with Barcelona since still deal with Porto.

However, Mourinho also remain in need of some figures which greatly understand the environment of Man United.

Mourinho Select Incoming Team Coach Rio Ferdinand Man Utd

This is very important as a bridge between the liaison team of the new coach with the players, as well as backup and junior teams.

It also makes Mourinho hope Ryan Giggs remained in the coaching arrangement. But, the former winger Frisky it seems will still choose to leave because it feels will not match up with Mourinho.

As it was reported the Daily Mail, of Ferdinand, who has taken a coaching course, must immediately take a decision about a job offer.

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Ferdinand also had to be ready to move his family from London back to Manchesterwith three cubs after losing his wife, Rebecca Ellison, who died of cancer last year.

The appeal worked with Mourinho and Man United will be very large for a man who has had a shared affinity clubs.

Mourinho will start his job as Manager of Man United on Monday (30/5/2016) to prepare everything to face the next season.

Mourinho Select Incoming Team Coach Rio Ferdinand Man Utd

Welsh midfielder Joe Allen, yet want to think about the question of his future at Liverpool FC. He wanted more focus to the 2016 European Championship before takinga decision.

Joe Allen's future at Liverpool is full of question marks. There has been no talk of further reserved 26 year old midfielder's contract was leaving another year.

Flying hours start minimal increasingly heated issue of the departure of Allen fromAnfield. He recorded 17 appearances from party 38 Premier League 2015-2016 which bypassed Liverpool. Of these, the player just eight times so the starter.

Allen confessed to deliberately delay the talks with Liverpool contract related fortifications. He waited until the 2016 European Championship finishes so that his mind was not interrupted.

"After finishing the season with Liverpool, I affirm to yourself to not want to have any distracting thoughts. My focus purely for Wales, "said Allen offered FourFourTwo.

"I'm sure there will be one or two weeks after the European Cup before going on discussions with the Club," said former Swansea City pillars of it.

Allen had little choice if decide lift away from Liverpool. Watford, Southampton, Stoke City, and Leicester City midfielder meminati-rumoured was 26 of that year.

From outside the United Kingdom, there is the name of Seville. Renowned United Kingdom media, The Sun, called the Europa League champions prepare bid to recruitAllen when 2016 summer transfer exchanges opened.

Mourinho Select Incoming Team Coach Rio Ferdinand Man Utd

The Bundesliga club Hannover 96, confirmed that the Premier League champions by 2015-2016, Leicester City Central negotiating with former Manchester United goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler,. Another step, the transfer on behalf of former Manchester United Man goalie would soon be finished.

Through the Club's official website,, the Bundesliga club that released a statement that Leicester have activated a clause in the purchase contract of Ron-Robert Zieler at this time.

27 year old goalkeeper it's now the middle of travel to the United Kingdom to conduct talks with the Foxes. If the deal is obtainable, Zieler will undergo medical tests.

"Ron-Robert Zieler had used its rights stated in the contract and Hannover 96 proclaims that he will travel to the United Kingdom towards Leicester City to negotiate the contract," the official Hannover.

Along with Leicester, Zieler was projected to become challengers Kasper Schmeichelas goalkeeper. During this time, Denmark goalkeeper it has no competitors worth as the main choice of Manager Claudio Ranieri.

Zieler began his professional career in 2008 along with Manchester United after the Club's promotion from the Academy. However, the Germany goalkeeper that neverhad the opportunity to perform with the first team in a competitive match.

In 2010, Man United allow Zieler was invited to Hannover for free transfer. Zieler else instantly became part of the first team, but more perform with the second team, Hannover II.

For six years, defended Hannover, Zieler was featured as many as 221 times in all the event with a record 343 48 clean sheets and conceded.