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Chelsea must learn from the failure and rise

Tough Defender John Terry hopes Chelsea can learn from failure and deteriorationexperienced in 2015-2016.

Chelsea will be handled next season new Manager, Antonio Conte. Terry else hopeunder Conte they can return can compete as a top-tier clubs, after experiencing disappointments in the 2015-2016 season.

The Club is based at Stamford Bridge could only finish 10th in the Premier League this season. Those results made them certainly could not appear on the European stage next season. In addition, Chelsea also prematurely eliminated from the Champions League, FA Cup, and the League Cup.

"In the big clubs like Chelsea, just like any other big club, you certainly want to win the title and remained in competition until the last minute," said Terry as reported bySky Sports.

"This season we didn't get it. So, we should learn from the failure and may return and be able to compete to win a lot of titles, "said the captain of The Blues that.

Chelsea must learn from the failure and rise

Even though it has aged 35 years, Terry still got belief in order to extend the contract.

Clubs with aka The official Blues extend contract of Terry for one year on May 18. He also can't wait to attempt to revive Chelsea.

"I am very pleased to be extending the one-year contract. I will be the 22nd seasonat Chelsea, "said he.

"I can't wait to work together with the new Manager. Will be an exciting time for usall and hopefully can fix the disappointment of this season, "he said.

Manuel Pellegrini regretted his decision when the notifying related information turnManchester City Manager in mid-2015-2016 season.

Recruitment of Josep Guardiola new manager was announced as Man City since February 2016. Admittedly this announcement is Pellegrini, encouragement from him.

Pellegrini else try turned back his decision. Recognized by him, the team's concentration distracted following the announcement.

"When asking yourself whether or not to do it again, I harbored doubts. I am not making this as a reason. However, there is great difficulty for the player after that, "said Pellegrini.

"You can see, we swallow three consecutive defeat after grabbing five victories in a row. Something has been broken. Then, you have to reorder, "he said.

Chelsea must learn from the failure and rise

Due to the sequence of the minor results, any Manchester City knocked off stock title. Fortunately, they can still save the position of the big four so the team's Champions League reserves the right to perform in the Champions League.

Pick your new official ruled in Etihad uncountable July 1, 2016. Man City will be the first in the career United Kingdom Team Champions.

Manchester United's young striker, Marcus Rashford, has signed a new contract inManchester.

The United Kingdom origin young striker is contracted until 2020 with the option ofan extension for a year.

Rashford was the player who was promoted to the first team in the last season.

The 18 year-old striker marked his debut with the team performed on the main match Europa League against Midtjylland.

He successfully took the opportunity by scoring 2 goals. In total, Rashford has made17 appearances scoring 7 goals.

Deputy CEO of Man United, Ed Woodward, revealed the reason the Club renew Rashford.

"Marcus is a talented player with huge potential. She was able to take the opportunity and integrate well in the main team. I am glad Marcus signed a new contract. He was in the Club the right to development, "said Woodward.

"He is still young and we need to be patient. However, she is developing in the right path and we believe he has a great future, "he said.

Meanwhile, Rashford confess happy with the decision of Man United.

Chelsea must learn from the failure and rise

"I am glad to have the opportunity to prove myself. Playing in clubs in the whole world the very means for me and my family, "he said.

The Chelsea captain, John Terry, Jose Mourinho's decision to discuss choosing Manchester United and the potential duel two camps.

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Not the first time Arsenal meet Chelsea as opposed to. In the round of 16 of the Champions League 2009-2010, Inter Milan's Mourinho got rid of Chelsea.

Terry participated and the feel of the game against Arsenal two years ago. This time, she demanded a duel more often with the ex's boss in the domestic.

"I've been against Mourinho earlier. It will be interesting, but be a very different match, "said Terry.

Thus, how the attitude of the Chelsea supporters when Man United's trip to Stamford Bridge Stadium?

"He will get a warm welcome on his return to Stamford Bridge. That's for sure. However, we do not see it, but myself to fight for the sake of the title, "said Terry.