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Derbi New Series Vols. Manchester, Mourinho-Real Madrid

The appointment of Jose Mourinho as coach of Manchester United splashing out a number of predictions about the implications that he will bring to the Club, and thePremier League. One of them is an indication of the repetition of a series with Pep Guardiola.

Mourinho and Barcelona have a tough task. They coached two teams are shaky.

Manchester City and Manchester United Man who becomes a candidate for champions of the Premier League season for 2015-2016 thus appears not convincing.

Man City just finish fourth Premier League standings and Man United have to settlein fifth.

Poor appearances last season both clubs carry the impact of predecessor Jose Mourinho and Guardiola. Louis van Gaal reacted fired the management of Man United last week because it is considered failed to give maximum achievement.

Derbi New Series Vols. Manchester, Mourinho-Real Madrid

Manuel Pellegrini, Real Madrid's predecessor at Etihad Stadium even more apes. The end of his career at Etihad already known to the public a few months before the season ended.

With experience coaching clubs of Europe and present the trophy, on paper Mourinho and Guardiola is the right coach to meet the ambitions of both clubs Manchester City.

Dunno if the appointment of Guardiola as coach of Manchester City participated and influenced the decision of Mourinho received on Man United.

However, Mourinho and Guardiola's career choices such as the prologue of a new series of chapter two.

When discussing the ' feud ' Guardiola and Barcelona, of course we had to start from the time when both are still trained in Spain. As already outlined, they are at opposite poles.

Derbi New Series Vols. Manchester, Mourinho-Real Madrid

Guardiola coached FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Barcelona for directing. The public and the media Spain put them on opposite poles: Barcelona was good, and Mourinho was evil.

It sounds perhaps unfairly pinned the label of ' good ' and ' evil ' to the two people who are hostile like Barcelona and Mourinho.

However, attitudes and words both men it's about each other like confirm the image snapping.

Mourinho is more open and ceplas-ceplos never hesitate quipped Champions in thepress conference.

In April 2011, Real Madrid and Barcelona met in the final of the Copa del Rey. At that time, Pedro scored for Barcelona who subsequently were annulled by the referee.Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey via gol Cristiano Ronaldo.

Barcelona protested the decision. Mourinho insinuated complain Champions in thesemifinals of the Champions League press conference a few days later. At that time,the two clubs met again.

"Right now, there is a group of trainers that criticised the decision of the referee, although the decision is correct. The Group's only member of the PEP, "said Mourinho.

Derbi New Series Vols. Manchester, Mourinho-Real Madrid

If Mourinho is hoping Cesc sindirannya heard it, he was not wrong. Guardiola watched the broadcast of the press conference. Before the press conference that Guardiola more silent and unwilling to confront directly with Mourinho.

"I know Mourinho is trying to provoke me, but I will not respond to it. I will only answer if the time is right, "supposedly so those words Guardiola.

However, this time he is not resistant. A few hours later, Barcelona lift the talk.

"He is the master at the Bernabeu press room. I will not fight it. If Jose is more enjoyed the attention of reporters rather than appreciate our relationship for four years, is up to. I studied the question of football from him, but I'm not going to learn anything else from him off the field, "said Guardiola.

See the heat of competition both teams, reasonable if many who may forget Barcelona and Mourinho never intimate during both still in Barcelona.

When Bobby Robson coached at Camp Nou from 1996 to 1997, Barcelona is one of the pillars of the Blaugarana. As for Mourinho served as translator for Robson. Mourinho and Guardiola is close enough.

In the book about a Pick, Another Way of Winning, expert Guillem Balague La Liga,wrote how both are celebrating the victory of Barcelona in the Cup Winners ' Cup 1997.

"Mourinho lifted Pep and embraced him, holding a Pep three times before they jump in a tub of two toddlers in the morning when Christmas came," wrote Balague.

Then, why familiarity seem gone? Why did Mourinho as a personal vendeta got to Pick?

The answer, again there are in Barcelona.

As Jonathan Wilson in the Guardian in 2015, Against applying as a coach replace Frank Rijkaard. Barcelona refused to lamarannya and refer to Pick who was still coaching Barcelona's junior team.