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Tottenham Pick Wembley as Coop

To get that eight players, reportedly asked to Pick the club management of funds as much as 200 million pounds.

Whether fairly or not, because Barcelona already plan on looking for players at a price of 25 million pounds plus!

One player who is highly concerned at his fate next season is Raheem Sterling. Players United Kingdom was merged with the City of Liverpool in the summer last year with fantastic rates, 49 million pounds.

However, Sterling failed to find consistency throughout the games 2015-2016.

Thus, Sterling also worry Roy Hodgson will not enter his name into the United Kingdom squad to Euro 2016. Desperate! Sterling could shit twice. Not playing in Franceand had to find a new Club.

However, whether Guardiola can get eight new players to enter the regular team in just two months before the Premier League rolling back?

Tottenham Pick Wembley as Coop

Presumably, the City is also aware that it took at least two seasons to be able to getall the players needed Champions.

The Target

Then, any player who became a target of Real Madrid? They are Danny Rose, Jack Wilshere, John Stones, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aymeric Laporte, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Ilkay Guendogan, and Leroy Sane.

For Guendogan, reportedly has earned the City midfielder from Borussia DortmundClub it.

According to Germany, the Bild daily, price Guendogan is around 20 million pounds.That figure could grow to 23 million because of a bonus-bonus.

Thomas Tuchel, Dortmund coach, actually not willingly take off Guendogan.

However, the departure of players aged 25 years it's been predicted when he refused to extend the contract with Dortmund.

Thus, the first rekrutan Guendogan became Champions for the City. Still seven players again ....

Tottenham Pick Wembley as Coop

Tottenham Hotspur reach agree with the person who manages the related use of Wembley Stadium for the enclosure of the Champions League next season.

Tottenham secured qualify to the Champions League next season after finishing in third place, below the Premier League Leicester City and Arsenal. Mauricio Pochettino's forces were also ascertained would instantly appear in the group phase with such status.

The success of qualifying for the Champions League makes Tottenham negotiates with the Manager. They want to play the game of European club competitions in thecage of the stadium.

The desire of The Spurs, Tottenham's nickname, it cannot be separated from the development plans of the new stadium is close to White Hart Lane, home of the team.Construction spending funds of about 400 million pounds or nearly Rp 8 trillion thatwill be completed in 2018-2019.

The party eventually reached Wembley and Tottenham agree. As reported by the BBC, Saturday (28/5/2016), The Spurs could not be allowed to play for cage Premier League next season.

They also have the option to play the game enclosure Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, European club competitions and at the headquarters of the national team of the United Kingdom was in the summer of 2017-2018.

"The waiting list for season ticket buyers we reach the 50,000 people. These opportunities give supporters the opportunity to watch his favorite team in the Champions League and still play in London, "said Chairman Daniel Levy.

Earlier, Tottenham had hope to be playing in the Olympic stadium used in London 2012. However, they lost in competition with West Ham United.

Tottenham Pick Wembley as Coop

As for the new Tottenham stadium is estimated will already be used at the beginning of the season 2018-2019. The new stadium will be able to accommodate up to 61,000 supporters or nearly double the current capacity of the "free" 36,284 seats.

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Arsenal Defender Hector Bellerin, provides no answers firmly associated himself likely migrated to Barcelona.

Media-media Spain preached, the club called La Blaugrana intends to recruit to replace Bellerin Dani Alves. Last name had already accepted an offer from Juventus.

Contract Alves actually still has another year. However, there is a clause that stated that he could go with free transfers apabla break the bonds of cooperation before June 5, 2016.

This scenario takes part realized by Bellerin. Thus, if he is willing to return to Barcelona?

"When Alves went, Barcelona will be looking for a new Defender. There are many in Europe, "said Bellerin.

"I myself feel happy with the interest in the Club, but have not received an offer of admission related information. So far, my focus for the Arseal and the national team,"he said.