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Learning from history, Arsenal do not need to worry about PSG

For each visit to France, the team called The Gunners never losing. According to Transfermarkt, from 10 last visit, they recorded seven wins and three draws. OlympiqueMarseille AJ Auxerre is the team most often become victims of Arsenal. Arsenal have already undergone two meetings respectively with the two teams that France andalways win.

Then, how about a ROUND? The team of France's capital city already melakoni twoduel with Arsenal in the semi-finals of the Cup Winners ' Cup 1994.

As a result, Arsenal went undefeated, including a draw at the Parc des Princes. They also bend Parma in the final to find their Cup. Instead, the Parc des Princes thus presents a bad memory for Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger. Wenger last visit there inLigue 1 1994.

Learning from history, Arsenal do not need to worry about PSG

At that time, AS Monaco who shot by Wenger yield 0-1 by PSG.

UEFA Cup 1999-2000: Nantes 3-3 ArsenalTim called Los Rojiblancos were able to talk a lot in this tournament. Two of the three last editions tinged success Atletico broke through the final.

As a result, topics about Atletico opportunities addressed to Simeone ahead of theduel cons PSV Eindhoven in the group phase of the party at the Philips Stadion, Tuesday (17/9/1999).

Simeone instead stated, "If we were able to win the Champions League? We have the ability to win the game cons to PSV. Thinking too far does not reflect the attitude of humble.

Not without reason Simeone says so. PSV had complicated the Atletico last season.The two teams meet in the round of 16 and Atletico qualify thanks to victory on penalties.

The story of last season, according to Simeone, proven toughness to PSV. The Netherlands team is also considered difficult to guess.

Learning from history, Arsenal do not need to worry about PSG

"PSV are a great team. They can demonstrate two different style at a meeting last season, "said Argentina coach." Only, is not the end of the world if we are apparently lost. There are still five matches remaining, "said Simeone.

When the subject of PSV, Atletico repeating story in 2014-2015. At that time, Atletico lost 2-3 at home to Olympiacos on the party of the first group phase.

The remaining five parties in that season, Atletico was able to rise up to close the group phase as pemuncak. They also drove to the Party Summit. In Sporting, Ronaldospent from 1997 to 2003. He didn't get to donate to a degree, but it remains a Idol there.

Aware of that fact, Bruno de Carvalho intends to return the stars. In fact, Ronaldo was offered to retire with white-uniformed Club Green.

"We have worked hard to restore players who never had a career here, like Luis Nani. Hopefully, the same thing could happen again, "said Carvalho.

"I wanted Ronaldo ended his career in his home. He has contributed to big for us and become Ambassadors of the clubs in the world, "said the President.

Like Ronaldo, Nani also initiated his career at Sporting. Owner last name back on loan in the summer of 2014-2015. Comment Carvalho while seasoning the duel between Madrid and Sporting Champions League group on the party at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Wednesday (14/9/1999).

Learning from history, Arsenal do not need to worry about PSG

In addition to Sporting, Madrid also segrup with Legia Warsaw and Borussia Dortmund. This fact be signal danger for Sporting, who will visit to Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, in Group F of the Champions League party, Wednesday (14/9/1999).

Remember the first professional Sporting clubs in his career, Ronaldo is seen as a pivotal moment in this game.

"A special match. I've been against Sporting in the UEFA Champions League. So areFC Porto and Benfica. Counter party Sporting is a pride for me, "said Ronaldo on UEFA's official website. Not that Ronaldo would be gentle to the Club establish themselves. In fact, he did not hesitate to score when former club meets.

It is proven in the UEFA Champions League 2007-2008, when the Manchester United be defended Ronaldo meets Sporting in the group phase.