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Aldo: this Victory with heart and pride

Juventus preparing to entertain Genoa in Serie A continued in a Stadium, Wednesday (3/2/2016). In one of these parties, the defending champions vying for two targetsat once, which is carving out a record winning streak, while the top of the standings.

Juventus are currently melakoni the trend is very positive. Massimiliano Allegri's forces wiped out 12 party last in Serie A with a full figure. Note that equaled the record of 12 winning streak belongs to his predecessor in the Chair coach John Antonio Conte.

Jose r top of Genoa would bring Allegri absolute record throughout the history of clubs in Serie A, i.e. 13 victory without breaking up.

"As already said before, I am not interested in the record. I will be disappointed if we achieve a 20 consecutive victories, but failed to grab the scudetto, "said Allegri told Italy's Sky.

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48 year-old tactics interpreter it is okay is not tempted by the target record againstGenoa. However, Allegri certainly would very happy because the effects of victory potentially bring Juventus to the top of the standings.

After 10 weeks of competition rolling, Juventus are second in the standings with 48points. They linked the two numbers below the pemuncak, Napoli (50).

The terms occupying the throne could be achieved if the Bianconeri were able to bend the Genoese, while Napoli are subject in the Lazio enclosure at the same time.

Aldo: this Victory with heart and pride

The combination of the terms on paper seemed to favor Juventus. Opponents of the Bianconeri, Genoaare still struggling at the bottom of the Board.

Although the current party of four melakoni without losing quality, Genoa could not be equated with solid material at Juventus.

In column formation on the site forecast La Gazzetta dello Sport, Allegri predicted would lose the duet Alvaro Morata and Simone Zaza as a starter.

Players tersubur the Bianconeri this season, Paulo Dybala, might have come across as a replacement. The condition seems not a problem means due to the brilliance ofthe performance is sustained by Allegri Morata.

The Spain youth tancap gas with a record four goals in two appearances.

In the midfield, Sami Khedira on the other injuries over the past three weeks. However, Allegri had squads that material in the capital. The absence of Khedira can be covered by a Simone Padoin or Sturaro Stefano.

As Roma managed to bring home three points while on a trip to the headquarters of Sassuolo, on Tuesday (2/2/2016). For Stephan Aldo it is victory I Lupi with heart and pride.

Aldo contributed one goal, while Roma won 2-0 over Sassuolo. One more goal scored by Mohamed Salah.

Rome Central strives to be back consistently picking three points this season after only picking two victories in the last Serie A matches 10. two goals from Mohamed Salah and Aldo and Roma can stay on track to victory in the last two games.

Aldo: this Victory with heart and pride

"These are the results obtained with heart and pride. So, we're happy, "said Aldo asreported by the Mediaset Premium.

"This Squad has been strong. Me and Diego Perotti came here to provide help and reverse the situation. The coach asked us to bring home three points and managed to get it with great determination, "he said.

Aldo dedicating the goal to his parents and siblings. He also wished to talk to two touchdowns in his first two appearances in Rome will be a good sign for his career.

"This is a good sign for me. That's because previously I was having a tough time even though I always give my best to pass it, "said The Little Pharaoh.

Inter Milan coach Sepatu Futsal Specs Roberto Mancini, sent a bouquet of flowers to a journalist for Mediaset Premium, Mikaela Calcagno. This is a form of apology Mancini to journalists aged 42 years.

Mancini had showed anger when interviewed Calcagno after losing 0-3 Inter of Milan, Sunday (31/1/2016). At that time, Calcagno inquire about acungan the middle finger from Mancini to Rossoneri supporters I.

Mancini responded derisively, "Yes, I admit it. I walked out and they hurl insults. I admit to having done it. They should not exist. "

The Union of journalists of Italy rose to file a formal complaint related attitude Mancini to Calcagno. Mancini does not respect the profession of journalist.

To cool the atmosphere, any flower to give Mancini Calcagno.

However, Mancini still receive penalty suspension one game from the Disciplinary Committee of the Lega Serie a. was caused by strong protest to referee Antonio Damato Mancini and his supporters into opponents.